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Hi, welcome!

I am Giuliana Vomero, a Marine Biologist passionate about bridging ocean and marine science with society.


I write and share the wonders of the ocean and stories behind the work of passionate conservationists worldwide on different websites and platforms.


While doing my bachelor's degree in Chile I felt inspired by women scientists who communicated the wonders of our oceans in a simple but marvelous way to any citizen, either a child, teenager, or adult. Hence, I have gathered experience in coordinating environmental outreach projects, events, and networking building. While working on my writing skills in both Spanish and English.


On my website, you can find the BLOG section in which I write about the marine ecosystem, its biodiversity, and tips on how to be more responsible with our Ocean.


If you want to read my published work on other websites and platforms, you can check the PUBLISHED WORK section.


If you feel my experience as an outreach assistant or content writer can be an asset to you, please visit the Contact section so we can set up a call!

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